Give me an empty whiteboard, a fresh marker and a tough challenge

I thrive in environments where the path to success is not clear. In these situations I arm myself with data and search for patterns and connections. I work hard to understand how certain patterns affect one another. I have to know how do they combine? What is their outcome? Does this outcome fit with the theory being offered? When faced with a challenge I am logical and rigorous.

I once thought I wanted to be an architect. Turns out I just like solid plans.

I enjoy the challenge of drafting a blueprint for success. I am always asking, “What if this happened?” Then the follow up, “Well, what if this then happened?” These recurring questions allow me see around the next corner, sort through the clutter and choose the best route. I have a strong strategic mindset.

Electric blue blinking text, horrible repeating backgrounds and midi music

Yep, I was working online right from the ugly beginning. Although back then people called it Cyberspace or the World Wide Web. I designed my first website in 1996 and was part of a new fangled invention called an interactive agency in 1998. Thankfully Digital Marketing has come a long way. Today I continue to work extensively in the digital space, leveraging my skills in marketing automation, lead generation, email marketing, SEO, marketing strategy, paid search and more.

I am personally at war with Comic Sans.

I have a strong aesthetic sense and a real disdain for bad communication, especially the most hideous of typefaces, Comic Sans. This passion for creativity has been both good and bad for me. On the bright side it has given me a chance to do some exciting work throughout my career in varying roles such as Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager and Creative Director. But it has also ruined my ability to look at a website, logo or advertisement without thinking about how it could be improved upon. Don’t even get me started on restaurant menus…

“Dude, why do you talk like that? We’re not in school.”

A new neighborhood kid asked me this during my summer vacation from the 6th grade. I took the time to adjust my glasses and in a confused tone told him I had absolutely no idea of what he meant. Apparently, clear communication has always been a matter of pride for me, even at the tender age of twelve. Luckily for the universe I have used my nerdy power of articulation for good, presenting marketing concepts at industry conferences, crafting concise sales copy and writing compelling online content.

Oh, is that all?

No, there’s more but I don’t want to bore you. If you’re interested in getting to know me better or maybe even work together, feel free to contact me.